• Darwin Keeney

    I was raised in a Christian home while growing up in South Dakota. I accepted Christ into my heart at age 7. For the past 29 years, I have been married to an incredible woman named Teresa. We have three kids, Landon, Elyse, and Mitchell whom are all out of the house. For 18 years, I was a youth pastor in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming, which was very fulfilling and rewarding. I am now a service manager for a large linen and uniform rental company in Laramie. My wife and I enjoy being AirBnB hosts and spending time in the mountains hiking and fishing.

  • John Scozzafava

    I was born a preacher's kid and like many PK's had to find my own way. God's promise to never let go was apparent in my spiritual development. No matter how far I ran, I always ended up in his loving embrace. I grew up in Laramie's First Christian Church starting in 9th grade. I married my wife, Jenna (a Laramie FCC lifer), and began a family. I find challenge and passion in serving our Lord, sharing the gospel, and leading high school kids in their walk with Christ. During business hours you can find me making copies for the University and helping college students to grow outside the classroom.

  • Isaac gordon

    I grew up in Colorado Springs in a Christian home.  From a young age, I committed my life to following Jesus Christ.  Growing up, I attended a variety of churches of various denominations.  As I grew older, at times I may have drifted, placing more focus on college or career than I did on my faith.  Every experience in our lives should be something we can learn from though, and Jesus is always there whether we're safely in the fold or acting like a wandering sheep. 

    My wife, Courtney, and I were married in 2006.  In 2010, we moved to Laramie with our newborn son Reuben.  Since then, we've had two daughters, Esther and Carrigan.