Lent Prayer and Fasting

During the season of Lent, we invite you to join our church family in a deeper practice of prayer, meditation and fasting. There are several ways to participate, and you are welcome to choose whichever ones speak to you.  I’m often asked how to prepare for fasting, as it can be intimidating to get started. Here is a Guide to Prayer and Fasting, a document with some guidance and a few thinks to think through as you consider whether the time is right for fasting as a spiritual practice for you. We encourage you to explore how God wants to meet you and how the family of God can meet with you during this season.

You are invited to select one or more of these opportunities as you draw near to Christ during this season:

1. 40 Days of Prayer Sign up as individuals, families or friendship groups to pray at church or home any time on one of forty days Feb 17-March 31

   Sign up here

2. 24 Hour Prayer Vigil Sign up for 1 hour of prayer at church or home during our 24 hour prayer vigil March 30-31 Sign up here


3. Pray and Fast With Us Commit to prayer and fasting on 2/17, 3/10 and 3/31-Abstain from food and beverages other than water after dinner the night before until dinner on the dates listed. On 3/10 and 3/31 we’ll gather as a church family to pray in person at 6:00pm, then break our fast together at 7:00.

4. Join us for A Night with New Room: Ash Wednesday 2/17 5:00-7:00pm- Register yourself to watch from home, or gather with us in the sanctuary to participate together.

New Room is coming to you- wherever you are- via livestream. Following a time of worship (led by Matt Maher), teaching, lament, and repentance, the evening will close with a concert of prayer uniting thousands of hearts together across thousands of miles of apartness to sow for a great awakening. Click here to register and learn more.

We'll come together in the sanctuary to participate in this Ash Wednesday experience, then break our fast together with "BYO Dinner" afterwards. We'd love to have you join us even if you're not fasting that day.


5. Subscribe to Soundtrack: a forty-day playlist through the psalms. Each daily devotional begins with a psalm followed by a short reflection you can read or listen to. It is not a list of things to do, but rather a simple plan to invite the Holy Spirit to weave melody and message into your day. We encourage you to do this with a friend! Sign up here

Spiritual Formation

Providing transformative opportunities for adults to be conformed to the image of Christ for the glory of God and for the sake of others. 

Mentoring: Connecting with one other person of a different generation as you live life alongside one another, sharing personal and spiritual experiences in an intentional and authentic manner.

Small Groups: A micro-community of 3 to 12 Jesus followers doing the Christian life deeply together.

Making disciples through the utilization of and processing of God’s story as it intersects with our stories.

A group of fellow journeyers who encourage one another, celebrate life's accomplishments together, observe traditions together, and rejoice together when God answers prayer. 

A community who deals with heartbreak, loss, grief, and facing failure together.

Bible Study: A revolving opportunity to provide connections between people as they learn and grow together as disciples of Christ. May include Bible study, book studies or topical studies.

Workshop: A single event that digs deep into a particular subject in order to further our understanding and practice of that subject.

Spiritual Direction: Help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to create space in one’s life for attending to the Holy Spirit and Christ’s work in the soul. It enables us to pay attention to God’s personal communication, to respond to and grow in intimacy with this personally communicating God, and to live out the results of that relationship.


Gospel-centered community is a central means by which we make disciples, and groups are the main avenue for us to flesh this community out. We have Sunday school each week between the services, and several small communities within the church that meet regularly for worship, care, accountability and study. They meet on different days, contain various numbers of people and are made up of men and women from all generations and walks of life.

To learn more about these groups growing together, we invite you to contact Rayna or Mike for more info.

As the Lord grows our church, we continue to need new group leaders. If you are interested in taking this next step of leadership, encourage you to meet with us and all about shepherding a group at FCC

Adult Sunday School

Sundays 9:30 - 10:15 am


Groups of people that gather on Sunday mornings for fellowship, study, and encouragement. A great way to get connected and grow in faith and community.

Small Groups

Weekly or Bi-weekly, depending on the group

Groups of people that gather in homes for fellowship, study, and encouragement. A great way to get connected and grow in faith and community.

Ministry Team Share

Where have you seen God impact or encourage others in the events, conversations, serving, etc. in your ministry?

November 2020:

Discipleship Bands

I’ve been very encouraged to see the two “test” discipleship bands learning to make this structure their own and how both have been diligent to meet consistently. One person testified how the knowledge of an upcoming weekly meeting has helped her to resist the tendency of her depression to keep her in bed and in a funk. Another testified how her band has helped her to finally begin to understand how very much she is loved by God because her bandmates have continued to love her so well even when she has shared the sin and darkness she struggles with. 

Night of Prayer

It also meant a lot to pray with a handful of people earlier this month. Even though there was a small turn out, it was especially good to see a couple in our church come for the first time to something like that and pray out loud together, for their family, and for one another. I was deeply blessed by witnessing their prayer and by the opportunity to be with my church family to pray for our hearts, city and nation.