The mission of our men's ministry is to build men who are strong because they are willing to wrestle with their brokenness and be healed.

Journeymen Pillars

  • Instruction- Biblical men desire spiritual discipline and discipleship with instruction in memorization, prayer, Bible study, and solitude.
  • Fellowship- Biblical men come in fellowship to walk, listen, encourage, and pray.
  • Identity- Biblical men construct their identity through their convictions, congruences and character in Christ.

Men’s Bible Study

Fridays 6-7 am (Perkins restaurant)

Being the man God has called you to be in today’s fallen world is trying and difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone.

Our goal is to equip, disciple and train you up through prayer, worship, fellowship, and the power of God’s Word.

You’ll be encouraged and strengthened as you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, and will grow closer to men on the same journey as you.

Ministry Team Share

Where have you seen God impact or encourage others in the events, conversations, serving, etc. in your ministry?

While during this specific time it's been very difficult for Mens Ministry to gather for our usual social events it's been encouraging to hear about the individual growth in faith that has happened. It seems that the men have taken this time of isolation which can be very difficult and used it for a time of individual study into the Lord. Many men have taken up devotional reading, book studying, prayer, and just more general study of the Bible.