Virtual Big Game Half-Time Competition

The Fellowship Team is tired of waiting for Covid to end, so we are taking our fellowship VIRTUAL. We are planning a Virtual Big Game Half-time Competition. It will include a family friendly scavenger hunt (that you can do without leaving the house) and a Trivia game via Kahoot. Every household will form a team and we are giving E-gift prizes to the winner of each contest. We will be using Google Meet as the platform for the competition. Participants will need a cell phone or preferably a computer with a camera. Even better, project your screen onto your TV. The Big Game is on Feb. 7th and the competition will begin as soon as half time starts. Let’s have some fun.

Here’s the link to the Google Meet:

The link will be opening at 6 pm, so that everyone will have time to hop on before half-time starts. The fun will begin as soon as the first half of the game concludes. You must have a working camera for the competition to work.

Ministry Team Share

Where have you seen God impact or encourage others in the events, conversations, serving, etc. in your ministry?

January 2021:

We have had very little interaction due to Covid. We did have a Zoom meeting this week in order to plan a Virtual Super Bowl party for our church family. It was so good to see each other’s’ faces and to be able to catch up a bit.